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Ningbo King Feng Fittings Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Foundation: In January 1998
Ningbo King Feng Fittings Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a professional export manufacturer. At the beginning, the company was focus on hose fittings, hardware accessories, plumbing. Years later, the company extends his business area to custom design service business with successful growth. Nowadays, besides custom design service business, company is also developing hydraulic adapters.

An OEM specialist for: CNC lather parts
                                    Cold forge metal parts
                                    Metal stamping parts
                                    Special material parts

Variety of parts: Shipped more than 5000 components
Current Sales Market for OEM Business:  North America and Europe

Qualify Overseas Resources:
Expand your manufacturing options to China. Ningbo King Feng Fittings Manufacturing Co.,Ltd can connect you with the best resources to expand your business.

Quality Assurance
Satisfy customers, Perform Quality Management.

Secure Copyright Concerns
Establishing nondisclosure agreements with our factories to provide absolute confidentiality regarding your copyrights and trademarked designs.

US and Europe Support to get out the time gap
Give you an alternative to get out the time gap sometimes when needed. More convenience and always be able to reach during your working time.

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